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Get Your Employees' Visa Status Checked

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If you are a UK based employer and if you hire immigrant or migrant employees, is for you.

Check Visa Status service is specially promoted for UK employers or UK based Recruitment Agencies and Placement Consultants to help them in meeting the strict requirements of UK Border Agency, Home Office.

If you are a UK employer and if Home Office finds an illegal employee i.e. the person who does not have a right to work, you face fines up to 10,000 per such employee.

It is therefore important that you not only check the Visa Status of your employees before you hire them but also periodically to make sure that they can live and work in the UK. If you fail in this responsibility, you may not only face fines but also prosecution.

How can Help?

  • can check the visa status of your prospective employees before they are offered an employment, thereby ensuring that you meet the stringent Home Office requirements. 
  • can also be hired on an ongoing basis for conducting checks and audits of visa status of your employees on a periodic basis. This service will help you in making sure that you do not have an employee on payroll who does not have proper right to work in the UK
How much would this service cost?

The service may cost as little as 10 per employee. Contact us today.
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